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While the book When Success is a Crime is the #1 resource you can view to learn about this amazing story, there are many other websites, wikis, and more to learn about the Isaias brothers and their story:

The Curious Case of Filanbanco and the Isaias Brothers.” This is a great summary of the case published on

Caso Isaias. This is the Isaias’ family website, full of news briefs and supporting facts to back up their story.

Mandate 13: The most serious juridical eyesore in Latin America.” Learn about Constituent Mandate 13 and why its secret (and likely illegal) passage that amended the Ecuadorian Constitution delivered a major blow to the Isaias’ brothers’ ability to defend themselves fairly in Ecuador. Published by Latin Business Daily newsmagazine.

Deportation Denied In a Win For Roberto and William Isaías.” This news article explains how the Ecuadorian government’s fight to illegally deport the brothers from Florida back to Ecuador failed. Published by Florida Business Daily newsmagazine.

Former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa keeps U of I Exceptional Achievement award while on the run from kidnapping charges.” Read how former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, on the run from kidnapping charges, was given a not-too-well-deserved award by the University of Illinois. Published by the Chambana Sun newspaper.

UIUC not likely to take back Exceptional Achievement award from former Ecuador President Rafael Correa, says local activist.” This is a must-read follow-up story about Correa’s award from the University of Illinois. Published by the Chambana Sun newspaper.

Roberto Isaias Dassum – Wikipedia article

William Isaias Dassum – Wikipedia article

The Isaias Group – Wikipedia article

Constituent Mandate 13 – Wikipedia article

Filanbanco – Wikipedia article

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